International Students

School of Sports Science and Physical Education, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Application to Exchange Student Program for International Students

a. SWUFE means Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
b. SSPE means the School of Sports Science and Physical Education
c. CIE means College of International Education at SWUFE
d. SBA means School of Business Administration at SWUFE
1 Programme Description
SSPE receives exchange students from abroad. You can study at SWUFE in Chengdu for one semester (19 weeks) under the terms of a bilateral agreement between the School of Sports Science and Physical Education at SWUFE and your home university or school.
Your home institution first needs to formally nominate you by sending an email to International Office).
1.1 Applications
Once you are nominated, you can apply by filling out the online application form on!index.action .
2 Students Status Management
SSPE is responsible for issuing invitations, and CIE at SWUFE is responsible for handling visa matters. International students should arrive at the university in the prescribed time. SSPE conducts a preliminary evaluation of the qualifications of international students upon registration. CIE at SWUFE will compile the student ID number for international students and handle the course selection, campus card, insurance and other related procedures.
3 Course
Undergraduate students and graduate students can choose courses at difference institutions that as the table 1 shows and credits should be acknowledged by SSPE and submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs and the Graduate School for review.
Table 1 List of schools at SWUFE provide courses and credits to exchange students
Level School Credits
Undergraduate students 1.Research Institute of Economics and Management credits
2.School of Business Administration credits
3.School of Sports Science and Physical Education credits
4. CIE (Chinese Language Course) N/A
Graduate students 1. School of Business Administration credits
2. School of Sports Science and Physical Education credits
3. CIE (Chinese Language Course)    N/A

4 SWUFE Global Academy
SSPE welcome international students from partner universities to attend SWUFE Global Academy (SSPE Summer Camp) in the middle of July each year (two weeks). When applicants reach a certain amount, SSPE would provide the accommodation, transportation and related expenses. More details please find on
5 Fees Description
5.1 International Student enrollment fee: 600RMB (Pay to CIE at SWUFE)
5.2 Comprehensive insurance: 400RMB (Pay to CIE at SWUFE)
5.3 You need afford housing, insurance, flight tickets and visa.
6 Accommodation
International students can rent apartment nearby the campus and the SSPE are happy to assist you.
7 Special Instructions
During the program, if international students travel outside the China Mainland must obtain the permit and changing the resident status at the CIE at SWUFE.



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