Dr.Chen Congkan

Position Title: Associate professor, Dean Assistant, Director of Sports and Economic Management Center, Mater Supervisor
Education: 2006—2010, Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Bachelor’s Degree)
2010—2015, School of Public Administration, Sichuan University(Master’s Degree and PhD Degree)  
Research field: public administration, administrative management, sports management, NGOs
Courses: Public Administration, Analysis of Public Policy, Sport Management, Sport Sociology, Leadership and Government Planning Management
1. The Core Value of International Standards of Social Responsibility and Its Enlightenment to Perfecting the Supervision of Social Organizations in China, 2015;
2. Improvement of Social Organization Supervision Mechanism: A Case Study of Sichuan Province, 2014.
1. Innovation of Interactive Relations between Government and Grass-roots Sports Social Organizations Based on the View of “Control Rights” Theory,2020;
2. The Development of Mass Sports in the New Era :Guiding Demands and Improving Supplies,2019;
3. Dilemma and Resolution of Sports Social Organizations Governance in the View of “Muddling Through” Theory,2019;
4. Internal Logic of Sports Social Organizations Governance——Based on an Analytical Framework of “Legitimacy-Authority-Form of Domination”,2018;
5. Analysis on the New Historic Juncture of Sports Social Organizations in China,2018;
6. Value Demands, Multidimensional Dilemmas and Implementation Approaches in the Regulation of Sport Social Organizations—Based on ISO26000, 2017.
1. Chinese Sports Social Organizations Coordinated Course,2016 Talent Research Founds of SWUFE;
2. Research on the Value Orientation and Path Choice of Social Sports Organization Supervision in China from the Perspective of Social Responsibility,2016 National Social Science Foundation of China Youth Projects;
3. Sports Public Management and Policy Research,2020 Education Reform Projects.



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