Dr. Liu Xindan

Position Title: Associate Professor, Master Supervisor, Director of International Affairs
Education: North Carolina State University& Beijing Sport University, PhD
Research field: sport management, sport economics and industry
Main courses: Sports Industry Overview, Sport Economy and Management,Entertainment and Sport Management(English), Guidance of Thesis Writing
1. Research on Competitive Potential Evaluation and Route Choice of Ski Tourism Industry in Southwest China, National Social Science Foundation of China Youth Project;
2. Research on Hotspot and Development Trend of International Sports Economics, National Social Science Foundation of China Youth Project;
3. Research on the Service Supply and Management System of Large Public Stadiums in Western Developed Countries, 2013.
1. Research on the Negative Influence of Athletes Moral Misconduct on the Brand Identity of Sport Games,2020;
2. Development of the North American Sport Economics Discipline and Enlightenment,2019;
3. Air Qiaodan: An Examination of Transliteration and Trademark, 2017;
4. Sports Fitness APP User Adoption Behavior Research—PESE Behavior Model, 2017;
5. The Role and Enlightenment of Government Functions in the Management and Operation of Large Public Sports Stadiums in Western Australia, 2017;
6. Research on Content Delivery of Running APP, 2017;
7. A Study on the Image of Marathon Race Based on Network Running Memory—Beijing Marathon as an Example,2016.



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