Cai Xinglin

Position Title: Associate Professor; Master Supervisor, Director of Sports Science Research Center
Education: Southwestern University, Master in PE
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, PhD candidate in Demographic
Main Courses: Badminton, Quality development, Sports Nutrition and Scientific Fitness
1. Leisure Sports, 2016
2. Youth Sports Nutrition, 2008
1. Sponsoring Mega Sports Events, Online Attention and Firm Value——Evidence Form the Chinese Sponsors of 2018 World Cup in Russia,2020;
2. Research on the Inheritance Theory and Innovation Path of Traditional Chinese Sports Culture in the New Era,2020;
3. Research on Financial Risk Assessment and Pre-warning of China’s Sports Goods Listed Companies——Based on Financial Data From,2019;
4. Research on the Transformation and Upgrade of the Retail of Chinas Sporting Goods Industry under the Background of "the New Retail",2018.
1. Promoting the International Competitiveness of Chinas Sporting Goods Industry in the Context of the “Made in China 2025”Strategy, 2016 National Social Science Foundation of China;
2. Research on the Mechanism and Implementation Strategy of School Sports Risk Prevention and Control, 2016 Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities;
3. Research on the Operation and Management Reform of Public Sports Venues in Sichuan Province under the Background of Supply-side Reform,2016 Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities;



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