Master Programs

The Master of Sport Management (thesis, 3 years) degree has been set up since 2006 and the Master of Sport Science (2 years) starts in 2015. The Center of Sport Economics and Management in SSPE manage two programs. Our programs aspire students to be global leaders in creating physical activity knowledge, programs, and services while positively influencing the SWUFE, China, and other nations through the development of scholars and practitioners who study and promote physical activity, exercise, and sport.

The Master of Sport Management (thesis, 3 years, 10 students/year)
This program is aimed at nurturing students with all-round development of character, intelligence and physical well-being that enables them to master the general knowledge of economics and management as well as the specialized knowledge and fundamental theories of sport management. The learning process first provides students with a solid foundation in management and then encourages students to achieve higher levels of proficiency in sport management. After graduation, students will be able to work in sport administration, sport marketing, professional and sport management, event management, and other fields related to the business and operation of sport.  
-Sports administration
-Sports economics
-Event organization and management

Master of Sport Science (2 years, 20-25 students/year)
To cultivate high-level, applied with system knowledge sports talents; to train in the field of sports, master solid sports basic theories, wide professional knowledge, with strong ability to solve practical problems, to undertake professional sports technical or management work independently of high-level sports talents. Depending on the discipline foundation of economics and management, and focus on cultivating sports organization and management and marketing, sports management, sports club management and management expertise system of high-level, applied sports talents.
-Physical education (teaching and training direction)
-Competition organization (sports organization, management, and marketing)
-Recreation Management (undertakings of physical culture and sports management, sports club management and management)

Recommendation and apply directly after undergraduate (No graduate exam)
1. Support the leadership of the communist party of China, have good personal character and political quality, physical and mental health.
2. The national "985", "211" colleges and universities undergraduates, and get recommendation to the undergraduate course colleges and universities.
3. Excellent, honest and trustworthy, no cheating and plagiarizing academic achievements of others, and other violations punishment record are required.
4. Undergraduate majors for economic or management class (including sports economy and sports management), can apply for sports management; Undergraduate majors (excluding minoring in the physical education) can apply for the masters degree in sports.
5. Application Procedures: applying to universities, qualification examination, inspection and acceptance.




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